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Insurance BGA
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Our Multi-Lead marketing program.

We take the success of our Financial Professionals seriously.  Because of this we make available a comprehensive lead program designed to ensure the success of team members.  Leads are intended to be a gateway to three different markets; Federal Employees, Mortgage Market and Senior Market.  Each market is distinctly different than the other, however our overall objective it to connect our producers with pre-qualified individuals.  

Federal Employees

Working with Federal Employees you will be able to provide a personalized analysis of their government benefits, highlighting the strengths and gaps. We then illustrate unique strategies that will improve their retirement security and enhance their overall wealth.

Mortgage Market

Purchasing a home is one of the greatest financial decisions in America.  We believe that protecting this valuable asset with insurance strategies allows homeowners to ensure that their loved ones never have to deal with the fear of losing their home.

Senior Market

Working with retirees in the senior market will allow you the opportunity to present comprehensive insurance and income solutions.  Our Four Pillars of Wealth system clearly illustrates the importance of coordination of financial and insurance strategies.

Our view on building a book of business.

Why do so many financial services professionals fail?

     If your primary goal is to "make money" in the financial services industry, you are destined for failure.  By building a book of business that is comprised of insurance products that pay on going service fees and renewals as opposed to "heaped commissions" or "upfront sales loads" you will establish two things for you business; predictable revenue for years to come and a tangible asset that can be sold when you plan to retire.

     When you begin working with ICS Financial, you will be able to build out your "Power Up" income model, which will illustrate your future income, trailers and renewals as well as any bonuses applicable to your contract.  This unique contract modeling is very valuable in predicting what your future revenue will be assuming you maintain your target goals.